Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post Activation Update-Two weeks post activation

Making Progress!

It's been two weeks since Ava's implants were activated. She is doing so well. She seems to be paying very close attention to all the new sounds she is hearing. She has such a good attention span. I'm learning through the AV therapy that consistency will be the key to Ava's success. Every morning we do exactly the same lessons with Ava. This is what we are doing at home. We start off by going through all her animal sounds - first, I hide the cow behind my back and make the "moo" sound. I point to my ear and ask Ava "do you hear that?" Ava starts looking for the cow as soon as I make that sound. While I continue moo-ing (hahah that sounds funny) I bring the cow into Ava's view. She gets SO EXCITED when I bring out the cow. Then we say "hi cow!" Ava plays with the cow until she gets bored with it. Then we say "bye-bye" to the cow and Ava puts it into a bucket. I continue with the horse (clop sound with your tongue), sheep, pig, cat, dog, chicken, fish (use the "sh" sound) and snake (use the "sssss" sound). She responds to all those sounds. We also do the same thing with the car (make raspberry with lips while doing brrrrr sound along with beep beep) and airplane ("ahhhhhh"). What Ava is now doing starting this week is vocalizing the car sound when she sees the car and the airplane sound when she sees the airplane. AND she can imitate both the short "ah" sound and long "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" sounds. At two weeks post activiation I'm told that this is nothing short of amazing. She clearly also understands "up" when I ask her "do you want up?" I'm still gesturing "up" with my hands so it may be she understands from the visual cues. Also when I say "give me the _____" whatever she is holding - I hold my hand out and she hands me whatever object she has. I will attempt later not to use the visual cues to see if she can receptively understand "up" and "give to momma". We also do the same songs over and over with her - if you're happy and you know it, row your boat, this little piggie, round the garden. We are constantly naming everything Ava looks at - names of family members, clothing items, food, body parts. I was advised that we should use the same name consistently - for example shoes - not boots, not sandals, not slippers, not sneakers, not runners but all are to be called shoes....for now. Another bonus...Ava's 4 and a half year old sister is a great teacher! Ava is crazy about Lauren and is constantly watching and listening to Lauren. If you can surround your baby with little persons I'm sure it would be a huge boost. We have to make learning to listen fun and what is more fun for a baby than another young child to watch and listen to!


  1. Sounds like she is doing amazing! How wonderful!!!

  2. Just saw this post via @DVillage on Twitter. Did she have meningitis, per chance?

    In any case, may G-d be with her as she journeys into life.

    Dan Schwartz
    Cherry Hill, NJ
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  3. Hello,
    I am Aiden's mommy (Our Journey) and found your blog through another site. I love finding new online "friends" as it is so helpful as we travel this journey to have the support of other mommies walking hand in hand with me. It sounds like Ava is doing just wonderful with her CIs and I am so happy for her! I look forward to keeping in touch with you and Ava's story!

  4. Hi Amy, this is a very interesting post as you are explaining exactly what you are doing every morning with Ava. I am in the process of structuring my "play" time with my daughter Sienna and you have given me some great examples. Thank-you! I look forward to following your blog as Sienna is a candidate and we will be done this road, hopefully, very soon!