Saturday, May 16, 2009

Documentary Film

Hello Friends!

Some time ago, when Ava was diagnosed, I set up a google alert on cochlear implants so that any news stories about cochlear implants would be emailed to me. This morning, I was alerted to a documentary being worked on a Chicago Family, the Stark Family, who consist of two deaf parents and two deaf children. The parents decided to implant their two children. The son was implanted at 17 months and their baby girl is being implanted this month. The mother is also going through the steps to be implanted herself as well. The documentary is not due until next year. Here is the link for the news story plus the website. The website contains a trailer-which is quite moving. I find this story to demonstrate the ultimate act of unselfishness that parents do out of pure unselfish love for their children; to give them every opportunity possible. I can imagine just how difficult a decision it must be for deaf parents, already immersed in the deaf culture, to implant their children. I am looking forward to seeing the documentary very much!


  1. thanks amy! i may post this on my blog too! our kids have such close "hearing birthdays"! maybe we'll meet someday and our girls can chat it up!

  2. Me too! I can't wait! Thanks for sharing!