Monday, December 20, 2010

Suitable for all ages

Ava really, I mean REALLY loves Dora the Explorer. I have to admit, we are a big tv family. Not that we watch a ton of it, in fact it is rarely on at all during the morning or afternoon. But with a house of four teenagers, and a movie buff hubby, we pretty much have all the cable channels possible. One channel in particular, has Dora on demand. Now I don't agree with toddlers watching a lot of tv. I think under an hour daily is more than enough. However, I can't believe the amount of language Ava is acquiring from watching Dora. She knows the names of all the characters (Backpack is "backcack") and most of the songs ("Do Do Do Do Dora" ). She cannot get enough of Dora. She asks and asks all day long every day to watch it. Before each episode, there is a short announcement in which one hears "this program is suitable for all ages". When I switched the tv on to Dora this morning, Ava turned to me and said "suitable for all ages!" After I picked my jaw up off the floor I thought that maybe she is watching it a bit too much :-)