Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Muffins

I'm enjoying my time at home with Ava very much since all her older siblings are in full time school. It gives us oh so much one on one time together...such precious time. Especially precious is this time because she starts preschool this September. While I'm very excited for her to start school, I also am dreading it. She is my baby and I would like to keep her home with me forever. She is our seventh child of this blended family so I know all to well just how quickly they grow up once they start school. Ava and I do everything together. Unloading the dishwasher, grocery shopping and sorting laundry is actually quite fun with my little sidekick. She loves to sort things into categories be it cutlery and dishware, daddy's socks v. Lauren's jammies. We are starting to work on sorting food; fruits v. vegetables.

Ava and I had our first ever baking session together. She learned about mixing, beating, pouring, stirring, teaspoons and measuring cups. She had so much fun!

Putting in the muffin cups

Adding the mix

Mix it up

Spooning the batter
Chocolate chips and blueberries

Proudly carrying her creation to the oven!

Turning on the light to watch!

Blowing to cool them down

Devouring her muffin!

Our little catholic girl has taught herself to sign the cross at grace. We love it!