Friday, June 22, 2012

Ava has graduated from Pre School!

Ava graduated from Pre School yesterday! I can't believe the year is over.  She had a fantastic year at Silver Creek Pre School.  She met all of her language goals and we couldn't be more proud.  She blossomed socially and made a ton of friends.  She was so eager to participate in anything and everything, especially  "Show and Share".   She was always super excited to go to school each day.  

Ava receiving her diploma from her teachers Sueann and Tahlia

Earlier this week, I attended a Case Conference with the administrators of Ava's new school where she will be attending Kindergarten this September.  At this meeting, it was determined what supports Ava will receive at her new mainstream school.  She will receive a Soundfield system, weekly intervention with her d/hh itinerant teacher, in-service for the staff on cochlear implants,  her classroom will have the appropriate modifications made to reduce background noise such as hush ups on the chairs.  Her existing IEP will be carried through to the new school and adjusted in the fall.  While her articulation is improving, it is still not quite age-appropriate in terms of when she is speaking in sentences.  There is still work ahead of us in making sure she continues to progress with her language and not fall behind.  We will miss having her weekly TOD visits which were chock full of therapy.  In fact I plan to make an appointment with her auditory verbal therapist to have an assessment done to see exactly where she is at and from this arm ourselves with some goals to work on for the summer.  With our deaf kiddos, we always have to be on top of things and work ahead whenever possible as it is so easy for them to fall behind at school.

Attached is a video clip of Ava reading some words.