Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Camp! (and another speech sample)

Ava has been spending a few weeks this summer doing full day camp programs.  She will be starting full day kindergarten this fall.  She has adjusted extremely well being away all day.  The last two weeks, she has been doing the gymnastics program.  She really loves it.  I keep her processors on using wig-tape and I secure her cables to her hair using little mini hair clips (the claw type ones with the spring).  Also, I screwed her magnets in a little closer to her head so that the  coils wouldn't pop off so easily.  This worked really well for her.  

I really love how they teach the kids new songs at camp.  In the past, when Ava would learn a new song at school, I would have to practice with her at home to make sure she has her articulation down pat.  She would often mispronounce some of the lyrics; especially new vocabulary.

Yesterday she came home from camp having learned the "Doggie Doggie Who's Got the Bone" song.   I was SO impressed that she learned the whole thing in one day.  With the exception of a couple of words, she did really well with it.  She was so dang cute I just have to share it with you!


  1. Pure adorableness! I love it! She is so cute and her speech sounds amazing!