Monday, March 19, 2012

Pensive Ava

Ava refuses to wear her CI's first thing in the morning.  Upon awakening, she wants to play a little by herself and eat breakfast in total silence.  During this time she becomes very pensive and deep in thought.  Shortly after she eats, she asks for her CI's and is ready to hear.  Hearing folks may not understand this. How could she not want to hear all the time? Why does she do this?  I'll tell you.  Having that ability to choose not to hear is bliss.  I love taking my out hearing aids at night, and sleeping in total silence.  I also, as a little girl, would not put my hearing aid in right away when I woke up, and would prefer to eat my cereal in silence.  It was my time to lose myself to my thoughts.  I was not ready to be bombarded with all the noise that my busy bustling household brought.  I'm telling you, the silence is so peaceful and relaxing. I love it.

Ava, I totally get it.


  1. Noah does the same thing and it used to worry me. Thanks for this post!!

  2. I actually never really thought about this, but Savannah does this too! She will eat, wander around the house & then instruct me to put her hearing aides in. Ive always thought how wonderful it would be just to give my ears a rest & sit in silence! Im sure Savannah equally loves the time to herself to think before like you said she is bombarded with sound. thankyou for your post x

    1. I do this myself too. I get up, and don't bother with my hearing aid until I'm ready to head out the door. It's just nice to have silence first thing in the morning.

  3. Aiden will do this sometimes too. He'll let me know right away if he's not ready for them and soon after a cartoon, he'll come ask for them.

    btw, I LOVE Ava's dance picture at the top. adorable.