Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sara and Ava
Ava had her first school mate playdate. Little Sara's mother overheard Ava and Sara at school making plans to go to each other's houses for a playdate. How dang cute is that? They are only 3 years old! So, Sara's mom and I arranged to get the girls together for their first real playdate. It was a huge success.  Afterall, these two monkeys attend pre-school together 3 days a week plus a pre-school program run by the City of Toronto on Monday afternoons.  "Sara is my best friend!", Ava proclaimed after Sara had left.  The best part of the playdate? Just listening to the two girls converse while playing with Ava's Petshop toys and not noticing any difference between their language skills.  Mission Accomplished. We've already booked their next playdate.  And coincidentally, Sara and Ava will be attending the same school for kindergarten next year.  I've got a feeling this is the start of a long lasting, beautiful friendship.


  1. I love reading Ava's updates Amy. I hope to meet her as well as your whole family one day...and go play a round of golf with you. :)

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for contacting me :) I read through your entire blog and WOW - your daughter is so lucky to have such a wonderful loving family! The blog world has truly saved me - and I want to continue to follow Ava's journey - it will give me the hope and strength I need to insure that Madison will follow in Ava's footsteps one day. I hope you don't mind but I would like to add your blog to my site. Thank you for making me smile :)