Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just chilling and enjoying the summer!

It's been a month since I last posted. Ava is enjoying her summer so much. She has done two weeks of half day summer day camp. No CI issues whatsoever. She would come home and eagerly recall the days' activities. She loved wearing a big girl backpack and would proudly march off to camp with her sister.

We visited Ava's AV therapist last month to check in. You may recall that Ava finished her AV therapy last December. However, we were having some concerns based on some new speech and language testing Ava had done. While we thought Ava was doing well up to that point, it was the testing that indicated she was not doing as well as we thought. In the end, we surmised that the testing simply indicated that there were some concepts she had not yet achieved, such as stating her last name. These are things we can simply teach her. Ava's AV therapist reassured us that Ava is still doing very, very well. Sometimes, you cannot get too caught up in "test results". To this day, Ava is progressing wonderfully. She has become very inquisitive, constantly asking me "what are you doing?" She is very VERY excitable and oh so full of zest and life.

Tomorrow we are headed for the annual summer Voice Camp weekend for kids who are deaf/hard of hearing. So excited for the girls to spend a weekend with other kids their age with hearing aids and cochlear implants. It is such an interesting mix of families. Some families are completely oral, such as ours. And some families use sign language, mainly those families where the parents are deaf and chose to have their deaf children implanted and learn to listen and speak. The weekend is full of activities for the kids and workshops for the parents. I look forward to meeting the families we met the last couple years and also to making new friends as well. I will be sure to post pictures.

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