Thursday, August 19, 2010

Voice Camp 2010

Last weekend we had an AWESOME weekend at Voice camp! VOICE is an organization here in Canada which offers support to parents with deaf and hard of hearing kids. Voice's mission is to ensure that all hearing impaired children have the right to develop their ability to listen and speak and have access to services which will enable them to listen and speak. Every year Voice hosts an annual weekend camp for families with deaf/hard of hearing children. It is SO MUCH FUN! As an adult who grew up with a hearing loss, I know this camp is SO IMPORTANT for my children Lauren, who wears hearing aids and Ava, who has the cochlear implants, to be around other children just like them. When I was growing up, there was nobody else in my school who wore a hearing aid and there were many times that I wished I knew someone else my age who wore a hearing aid just like me. MY perception was that I didn't feel "normal" because there were no other kids who had hearing loss and wore a hearing aid in my town. I still had a very HAPPY childhood and did EVERYTHING the other kids did and had lots of FRIENDS. But that part about not feeling "normal" stuck with me throughout my childhood and know that I if had the company of just one other kid like me, that would have made all the difference. However, that being said, those were MY feelings. My children may or may not ever feel that way and I hope that they don't. But attending VOICE camp is fantastic for Lauren and Ava as they are surrounded by tons of kids just - like - them. The feeling is incredible.

What was especially exciting was this year I got to meet Amelia's daddy and his beautiful daughter Amelia.

It was Amelia's daddy's blog that inspired me to start my own blog and gave me hope when Ava was diagnosed.

Also at Voice camp we met Chris Loewen. Chris is a young man who received a cochlear implant when he was 12. He entertained us all with his amazing magic show. Chris gave an excellent talk to the parents about what it was like growing up with a cochlear implant. His mother was a very strong advocate for him and was determined that he learn to listen and speak no matter what the professionals said. He has excellent speech! He was an inspiration for us all! Thank you Chris!

Of course my wonderful talented children's musician husband Markus entertained the kids around the camp fire:

We can't wait until voice camp 2011! See you all next year!

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  1. The Voice camp weekend was a very special time for Amelia and the rest of us. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog . It was nice to have met you and your family and we look forward to reading your updates and seeing you all again soon :)