Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swimming with CI's!

Ava absolutley LOVES swimming in her pool. There was no way I was going to allow her to swim without being able to hear anything. I want her to participate in everything fully that a hearing child can. Especially in an activity that she enjoys so much! We did a little research and got some great ideas from other CI parents. We have her wear one processor in a special waterproof bag worn under her swim cap. The bag is from aLoksak - it is certified leakproof and airtight bag tested by the US navy. It is waterproof to a depth of 200 feet. Just follow the steps below:
1. the processor must have the rechargeable battery attached - the disposable batteries will not work because they need air to work
2. tighten the magnet on the headpiece as far as it can go - the magnet has to be strong enough to stay on the scalp while inside the bag

3. put the processor inside aLoksak waterproof bag - size 5" x 4" - we order this on-line http://www.loksak.com/ - a 3 pack costs about $7 plus shipping

4. place sealed bag on child's head with the magnet properly positioned on her head and put a headband over the head and bag to help hold it in place

5. put the swimcap on - Ava's is a lycra/spandex cap we ordered from amazon. we tried a latex/silicone cap last year and it was too hard to hold the bag in place and stretch a latex cap over top of it without knocking the magnet off. Remember, what keeps the CI dry is the aLoksak bag, not the swim cap.

Just remember to check that there is a good seal on the bag before your child jumps in. I personally checked the bags following the instructions that came with the bags before I used them. Also remember to return the magnet to its original state after swimming or your child may develop a nasty sore on her scalp!

Here's a video that I am so proud of which shows Ava HEARING and SWIMMING! (Don't worry - her dad is close by)


  1. That's so great. I've always wondered exactly how they work, but have really been too scared to try. I may just have to break down and try it out this summer on our annual camping trip. thanks for sharing!

  2. just rechecked this as monrovia has her first swim lesson tomorrow!!!