Friday, April 23, 2010

A little game we play

I have attempted many times to take a good video of Ava talking. But the little stinker never wants to perform as soon as I get out the camera! It seems like I always had that trouble even with the other kids. One of the kids will learn something really cool or say something amazing. But whenever I want to show someone else or get my child to repeat it in front of someone, they never do it! I was successful though this morning at capturing a little auditory memory game that we learned in therapy last week. It's quite simple. You put two familiar objects in front of your child. Then you get them to close their eyes and you quickly hide one of the objects. Then your child opens their eyes and you ask them "what's missing?" It took a few tries to get Ava to understand the concept of "missing". But now she wants to play the game over and over! Our therapist indicated to use only two objects for the first little while. Then, gradually add another object.

Here's the video. I attempted to add the captioning through the transcript option on YouTube. I apologize that the captioning is a bit out of time in the middle when I'm getting Ava to close her eyes, but then it eventually corrects itself. Enjoy!

And in case you were wondering what Ava's shirt says....."IT'S SO FUN TO BE ME!"


  1. Awww! Aiden and I just watched Ava together and we both have big smiles on our face! She's speaking so well! Way to go Ava!!