Saturday, October 31, 2009

FINALLY! Ava has her new processors!

Ava picked up her new Nucleus 5 processors yesterday. They are very sleek and much thinner than the Freedoms. The reason Ava was able to get the upgrade was because she was implanted with the Nucleus 5 back in March as part of the study. Now that the N5 processors have been released, she was able to upgrade so that her internal implant now matches the external processor. Here are a few pictures to show the comparison of Freedom vs. Nucleus 5 processors:

In addition to being much smaller/thinner, the new processor has:

-improved water resistancy - IP44 and IP57 ratings
-remote control - the screen on the Freedom processor which was used for programming and troubleshooting, etc has been replaced by a remote control which has a much larger screen and is also in colour - this is a fantastic feature as it also features a trouble shooting program and takes you through a step by step list of how to troubleshoot-the remote is also used to adjust volume and sensitivity levels- the remote is also used to test the processors to make sure they are working properly
-the coil headpiece is now detachable from its cable
-two batteries instead of three

However, the processor is only using disposable batteries for the time being as the rechargeable battery has not received FDA approval - it is unknown as to when the rechargeable battery will be approved - we have been using the rechargeables with the Freedoms and have never used the disposables - it was so much more convenient. The disposables apparently have a life of 38 hours. So for Ava, the batteries will last just over three days as she wears her processors about 10 hours/day.

For some people, this upgrade may cost thousands of dollars. Do I think it is worth it? Depends on what the cosmetic difference is worth to you. All in all, the technology of the N5 processor as a hearing device to my knowledge is probably not much different then that of the Freedom. If it were us, we probably wouldn't pay to upgrade at this time. Ava was doing remarkably well with her Freedoms, having met or exceeded her targets for 6 months post activation.



  1. GREAT post -- very informative. Thanks for all the photos comparing Freedom and Nucleus 5 side-by-side.

  2. Thanks for all the info on Nucleus 5! If we ever get Lucas a 2nd implant, we'll be getting that one! What a cute elephant!!!!

  3. Thanks for the info and the photos! I sure like the fact that they are much smaller.

  4. Great comparisons. I love seeing them side by side like that. We will not be upgrading since it is mainly cosmetic, but yay for you all and the new processors! and what a great costume!

  5. Thanks for posting - we too will not be upgrading at this time - we love our blue Freedoms :o) The new options do sound wonderful!! I would love to change programs without removing the CI, but soon enough, Taye will be doing that all on his own!

  6. Thank you amy for the camparison photo .
    thickness and wight for child ears are very important.
    My 5 years old daughter sometimes expecially practising sports feel anconfortable with freedom dimension .
    Hope her new born sister (2 months) will recieve it.
    ciao Claudio

  7. Nice sisde-by-side comparisons..very informative for those who may be looking to upgrade