Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday AVA!


Ava turned one year old yesterday! It was such a huge event for us, considering all that Ava has been through in her short 12 months! She is such an incredible, happy and sociable little girl. She is trying so hard to talk and uses her voice all the time. She loves her CI's and loves hearing stories, music, our singing and laughing. While she loves listening to all her musical and noisemaking toys she also loves the quieter sounds, such as the soft gurgling of the coffee maker, and the dings of the microwave when her food is ready. She loves watching her Baby Einstein videos. She loves chasing big sister Lauren all over the house and doubling over with giggles. She loves bubbles and eagerly says "or" for more.

Ava, you are my angel. Never be afraid to dream big. Never believe you have limitations, because you don't. You.Can.Do. Anything. Just spread your wings and fly, baby.

PS - Ava's newscast airing has been postponed to JULY 8TH! Stay tuned.



  1. Happy birthday AVA! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday, Ava! You're the big 1! Yay!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ava! You are a cutie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Ava!!
    Hope to see you and your mommy soon!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ava!!!
    You're everybody's big star!
    Hope to see you and your mommy soon.

  6. Happy Birthday AVA!
    I found your blog off CI Circle. My son Gavin is two, he has LVA. Gavin has had his first CI since Aug of last year. But he just barley had his second implant surgery on Wednesday. I was wondering can I add your blog to mine. Let me know. AVA is a beautiful little girl.

    -Heather and Gavin

    Gavin hears a who!