Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally, some videos - Six weeks post activation!!!

I am finally posting some videos of Ava showing her progress with her CI's.

In this video, Ava demonstrates the "ahhhhh" sound while eating (as in using the spoon as an airplane) and her approximation of "all done"

In the next video, Ava is responding to "where's the light" by first looking up at it and then by pointing to it. This video clearly demonstrates the "power of the pause" meaning give your child a chance to respond by allowing ample time to process a question and to formulate a response.

Ava has figured out how to use her little pointer finger. I love it!

Other things.......She can imitate a growl sound for the lion.
She can differentiate between where's daddy, where's mommy and where's Lauren by looking at the right people.
She will point to the eyes on a doll when asked "where's the eyes?"

Stay tuned for more videos....... :-)


  1. What a cutie pie! I love how quickly she turned to daddy when he called her name! Aiden LOVES lights too, it's the first thing he signs when we walk into any room ... or the car. I can't believe Ava's only six weeks post activation. What a little rockstar!

  2. love the videos! she is really progressing so well and so quickly! way to go ava!!!

  3. Love the videos, keep up the great work, mom, dad and Ava!